Thursday, June 14, 2007

Parts in the post, pt. 66

Kamikaze Records have recently released Sascha Müller's "Pump Up The Bass E.P.", an excellent three tracker showcasing the artists ability to deliver serious, simple and straightforward Techno music of a more classic kind and - at the same time - to avoid too formulaic layouts and sounds that have been heard for more than a decade right now, although there are references to be found, labels like Monoid, which has provided a more tribalistic form of what is known as ToolTechno and of course all the swedish producers who have been and still are paying respect to their loops.

Limited to 35 pieces only is 020R of Supersix Records, which is Sascha Müller's "Cherry Bomb Remixes". This ultra-rare picture - !!! - 10" holds the Original Mix plus reworks by Bengala Boys, Das KNO and Flensburg-based DJ Nightnoise and covers a spectrum from slightly Trance-touched Electro-/TechHouse to straight Techno and will rarely be seen in any recordstore anywhere. Expect this one to be sold out even before this review is appearing on your screen.

Mannheim's finest Tilt Recordings have put promo copies of their forthcoming 7th release on the circuit these days, which - once again - will be filed as must have for all lovers of Techno-Drum'n'Bass. Side A holds an Amex & Kaiza rework of "Pitch The Nature" by the swedish Techno producer Johannes Ahlberg, a logical step forward in the labels' release politics as it transfers the aesthetics of so-called (Sweden)-/ ToolTechno into Drum'n'Bass more consequently than any other imprint does these days. On the flip Quadrant reworks Amex & Kaiza's uber-hit "Shrinz" and delivers the first ever remix of a non-label associated artist on Tilt. Both tunes are about to have a longer half-life than your average Drum'n'Bass-track released, mostly due to their tool'ish and non-drop or hit-orientated formula and character, which makes them stick out of the monthly bunch of releases - this goes especially for "Pitch The Nature" and it's uniquely galopping and hectically looped beats of a hard nature. Music for the headstrong.


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