Saturday, July 21, 2007

Parts in the post, pt. 68

The Coconut Wireless debuts on Moonbootique Records with their new 12" named "Get The Fuck Up" - a floor functional ElectroHouse-tune that is about to work crowds properly due to its basic simplicity and straight tool'ish attitude. Although neither the original mix nor the remixes provided by Robosonic, The Havana Boys and Saint Pauli are about to win awards for representing innovation in electronic dance music they'll make DJ's happy who spin in front of a "willing to party"-massive ready to get wild.

Joel Mull's "Sunny Hills E.P." has been released on Audiomatique Recordings these days, a three tracker of a decent, dreamy minimalistic approach that neither denies Mr. Mull's harder tech-flavored history nor easily fits into set standards defined by purists. Years earlier the term TechTrance wouldn't have been far away as all tracks have a warm, hypnotic touch and trancey vibes due to their string arrangements and / or at least floating, ever modulating sounds alongside pumping, dancefloor focused beats which keep the crowd moving throughout a long night,

Dessous Recordings reveal St. Sebastian's "Drunk Lover" as their 072, which comes around as a raw, stripped-down-to-the-bone tune of a Chicago'esque flavor. Slow, dark'ish and sexy as the original tune is it is meant to lyrically set small steamy clubs on fire and to make hot girly horny when played out in the small hours just before sun dawns and due to this to be treated as an essential weapon in every DeepHouse-related jocks collection. German act MyMy is responsible for remix work on the flipside and adds a bit of melody and speed to the whole thang and transforms the whole tune into a quality piece of minimalistic Techno, a vibe on which B2 "Snow White" is as well, maybe the most primetime'esque tune on this disc as it combines a darker, more dangerous vibe, oldskoolish House-basslines and an absolutely thrilling hookline arousing dancefloor climax within seconds. One to watch out for, one to get.


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