Thursday, September 13, 2007

Parts in the post, pt. 71

Viewlexx's and Murder Capital's DJ Overdose a.k.a. Dream Disco is about to release his new one-sided 12" single via Das Drehmoment soon. The vinyl will be limited to an amount of only 200 white label pressings and - as far as reported - not be put out officially in a full cover sleeve issue, so all lovers of kitsch-loaden ItaloDisco vs. Electro shoudl keep their eyes open to hunt down one of these rare ones.

A piece of excellent minimalism is Oliver Ho’s „Zeitgeist E.P.“, delivered under his Raudive-moniker as 087 of Steve Bug’s Poker Flat Recordings. Stripped down to its very basic elements „Zeitgeist“ is based on not more than a deep groove, an alarming construction of high-tone strings, sexy pitched down voice and bleeps that seem to be taken straight out of Sheffields early 90’s Bleeps’n’Clonks-era. On the flip we’ve got „Needles“ , remixed by label head Steve Bug into a dark and moody one as well built to move any kind of dancefloor crowd throughout a long night out due to the tunes sexy groove and sweet sound spectrum whilst the original version – named as „Head Mix“ here – rides a similar groove but seems to be referring to acidic vibes more than the remix.

Boundzound's second 12" release "Stay Alive" has been released via Universal recently and seems to be that successful as their first one under the name of "Louder" has been before. The B-side version including the Original New Version as well as a remix by Bugati alongside a so-called Extreme Beatzarre RMX is clearly focused on major radio airplay as "Stay Alive" has a true Pop potential, while both remixes by Namito and Mitja Prinz aim towards clubs and venues focused on the more minimalistic side of TechHouse. Especially Mitja Prinz's version is the one to check out here as it's prime time potential is obvious. Check.


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