Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Grime r_port vol. 23

Scape Music just released a series of remix 12“es of Pole’s recent longplayer „Steingarten“ of which Part 3 is dedicated to the sound of Dubstep. Skull Disco-head Shackleton retreats the track „Achterbahn“ and transforms it into some excellent, kind of MythStep-related tune but surprisingly leaves his trademark voodoo-percussions alone this time. On the flip we’ve got Peverelist remixing „Winkelstreben“, which seems to be a trial and error one resulting in error. Purchase for Shackleton’s workout.

All Grime-/ Urban-addicts out there are highly recommended to check out the newest CD-mixtape of a UK-based camp named Frontlinerz, which is called "Road Music - Special Edition Pt. 1" . The mixtape features all crew members as there are Jak Frost, Reciver, Gabsie, Lavish and more on a whole of 25 takes covering the whole spectrum from Grime to Urban via HipHop, DigiSoul and - surprise! - a few Philly-references. Defo a sure shot, so force yr local record store to hunt this one down for you!

Peace Off sister label Ruff unleashes its cat.no. 005 as double A-side these days featuring a Starkey's "Lupekickpush *Street Bass Mix" and Bong Ra's "Sissy Spacek" on the flip. Whilst the american producer comes up with an excellent ElectroGrime-cut and funny, skateboarding related vocals, Netherland's Breakcore- / SpeedHall-hero Bong Ra fuses tales Dubstep to another level of evil. Dry, heavy beats on a quite abstract groove thang are teaming up with darkest of basslines and reprocessed signals like taken straight off an early 90's Gabba-tune - get ready for hoovers, folks!


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