Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Grime r_port vol. 22

To be filed under the flag of UK Urban music is the new release of Ahead Of The Game Music, containing Future Cut vs. Fallacy's "Drug Of Choice" featuring Virus Syndicate's Goldfinger & Big Wez on vocal duties plus Jack Beats vs. Fallacy's "Keep It Ringing" which has been re-fixed by Skibadee & Lethal as well as remixed by Bugz In The Attic's Mark Force. A whole of six tracks / versions are to be found on this disc that are about to satisfy any upfront Urban DJ around - if he's into R'n'G / Rhythm'n'Grime he'll choose "Drug Of Choice", if he's into straightforward Grime-bangers then "Keep It Ringing" will be the track of choice. Recommended.

Oh, how long I've been waiting for this track to be released on 12". Not talking Milanese's dark grinding, Industrial-flavored "Barry Dub 2007" which has been put out via Planet Mu recently, but its stunning flipside: "Double Face" featuring the amazing voice of Kate Kestral who delivers an amazing fusion of Dubstep and melancholic Pop music, maybe the best that has ever been up to this day. Do not check at your local recordstore, buy blindfolded!

Recommended to all Dubstep jocks out there is the newest release on Lo Dubs, which is South3rn’s double A side „Mangione Tribe Dub / La Rana“. Whilst the sparse „Mangione Tribe Dub“ refers to classical Dub / Reggae influences a lot with its typical offbeat sounds, rimshots and echoes, „La Rana“ is on a deeper, more athmospheric tip. Beat structures similar to those used by producers like The Others are accompanied by reprocessed Tabla sounds adding a hypnotic, voodoo’esque feel while the very background space is filled by a warm, analogue bassline slowly drifting along. Not necessarily primetime stuff but one to get anyway.


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