Tuesday, January 08, 2008

baze.djunkiii is back on the broadcasting circuit

After stepping back from broadcasting regularly on Hamburg's local independent radio station FSK, which was home to his radio show "Die Nachtschwestern" from March 1999 to June 2005, baze.djunkiii is back on the broadcasting circuit and enters the world of internet radio in 2008.

Starting from January 16th onwards he'll host a biweekly DJ-mix show on the fresh station Byte.FM, which is to be launched on Friday, January 11th. Transmission starts wednesdays @ 23.59 german time (GMT +1 that is) and runs up to 03.00 on thursday morning, a recorded re-run of each show will be broadcasted a week later from thursday 03.00 to 06.00 in the morning. Actually that means if you missed the January 16ths show you can hear it again on January 24th from 03.00 onwards and so on.

Musicwise each show will focus on one specific genre of electronic music, so you'll hear baze.djunkiii spinning a new style every week under the general flag of "baze.djunkiii presents: ..." which is the name of the show. Plans are set for the first shows to present styles like DeepHouse / (Neo)Disco, Dubstep / Grime, Electro / GhettoBass, Jungle / Drum'n'Bass and - in general - to come up with a proper mix of tunes baze.djunkiii refers to as essential in this style meaning: new meets old meets classic meets unreleased meets basic meets rare meets hot promo stuff meets saught after tunes. So watch out for that and make sure not to miss one single show as you are about to hear some stuff from baze.djunkiii's crates of 6000+ records you'll never heard of before...


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