Friday, June 20, 2008

Bratze – Kraft [Riptide Recordings]

New on Riptide Recordings is Bratze’s album „Kraft“ which has been released on Hamburg’s Audiolith Records before, but never made it to vinyl til now. Ten tracks to be found on this album somewhat between ElektroPunk, Indie and so-called NDW (= Neue Deutsche Welle which roughly translates as „New German Wave“ , an 80s style known as the commercial, more Schlager-like version of the Ingenious Dilletantes / PostPunk movement ), their beats are slightly simplistic and a bit distorted, their attitude DIY and party non stop. And that’s the reason why they’re praised as pure party machines not only in their hometown Hamburg and northern Germany but all over the place - wherever they’ve played or they’re about to play in the future, they’ve come to tear the club up. Yes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that a fuckin duo should do...tear the fucking club apart..

6:25 PM  

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