Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ruff Sqwad – RSMD [No Hats No Hoods 002]

Yeah. It’s been a bit since Ruff Sqwad hit the floors with their last 12“ but now they’re back with a massive Grime-banger on the relatively fresh No Hats No Hoods-imprint that’s nuffink less than a must have. „RSMD“ means Ruff Sqwad Man Dem and comes in their typical stakkato riddim, this time produced by Dirty Danger who lyrically kills p.a.’s with his ultra-compressed and slightly distorted beats that are meant to blow ears and speakers for sure. On the flip finally we get a full vocal version of „Xtra“ which has been released as riddim only whitelabel some time ago plus another, more minimalistic tune running under the name of „Front Back“


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