Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cyberchump - Our Wizards Of Earth [Internal Combustion]

Milwaukee's Cyberchump - consisting mainly of Mark G.E. and his compagnon Jim Skeel plus a bunch of guest musicians contributing parts to this album - are back with a new album due to be released on august 12th, which is quite different compared to their Ambient / Deep Listening-flavored "Sankhara" released in 2006. With "Our Wizards Of Earth" they explore a terrain to be described as more epic, more spaced out and for sure more organic than their last longplay work - although they tend to work more loop-orientated as they've come to a play, record, loop and re-play structure when they've been recording recently the whole album and its songs sound more like played in one go by a real band like all the great Kraut- and Psychedelic Rock outfits of the 70s did, first of all to mention Pink Floyd, but also the likes of Magma or Popul Vuh to name but a few whose fans might be touched by this one that refers to those times but still is not playing the copycattin' game here. But also fans of the so-called Cosmic movement are recommended to check out "Our Wizards Of Earth", which is not necessarily dancefloor focused but still contains some dance-compatible parts that mostly are connected to what often is wrongly named as World Music, a term usually used when there is some eastern or ethnic percussion like tabla involved and harmonies seem to refer to other notation systems than our common western. But don't get me wrong, this is no kitschy music for down-nested, more esoteric moms but an album for those who like a deeper listening experience than the usual that provides new aspects even to those who've been following Cyberchump for a while as it is their first longplayer to feature vocals in at least some of their new tracks although both of the main protagonists have used their voices in other bands than their own outfit.


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