Saturday, September 06, 2008

Audiomatique 2.3 - The Remixes [Audiomatique 032 Promo]

Once again Audiomatique hits dancefloors worldwide with another quality release, featuring excellent remixes of tracks featured on "Audiomatique 2.1". Samuel L. Session reowrks Joel Mull's "Red Light Of Dawn" twice - his "The Melody Remix" focusing on the epic, more 'troity aspects of life while his "The Drums Remix" works the crowd with a deep, dark and rolling NYC-progressive flavored version for huge dancefloors, both perfectly matching with Ferrer & Sydenham's alltime classic "Timbuktu". On the flip we've Buzzin' Fly labelowner Ben Watts re-arranging The Viewer's "Streethorn" aiming to bring handclaps and film noir'esque strings back to all advanced dancefloors, delivering a decent but ever growing remix slowly building up and up and up, capturing dancers in a deep hypnosis before making way for the next tune to come after a clever but unexpected climax. One for the experienced jocks out there.


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