Monday, September 22, 2008

Echo Echo - The Vampire Empire E.P. [Echo Echo 003]

U know these days when one stumbles upon a small label one has never heard of before, checking out their latest release and it turns out to be great. This is exactly what actually happened when I received 003 of Echo Echo from the artist going by the same name not that long ago. Three tracks plus an additional Datassette remix of "Vampire Empire" are featured on this limited to 333 copies worldwide 12" with handprinted nightglow - yes, this is for the nerd kru out there - cover artwork, which are thrilling for advanced dancefloors as they manage to keep the balance right between their Wave-influences, detroit'ish Techno and, most important, high quality Electronica that labels like Warp or Planet µ would've loved a while ago. Name the likes of The Black Dog as reference level but actually these tunes are not too far from that and about to stand the test of time easily. As I presume this one is going to fly off the shelves keep yr eyes open and grab a copy or two quickly as these might be regarded collectors items soon.


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