Thursday, September 11, 2008

Krak In Dub / Liquid Wicked - Dub War [Znoot Poch 07]

One for all (Neo)RaggaJungle- and Dubstep-Headz alike is 007 of the french Znoot Poch-imprint, a sure shot to tear up any dancefloor. On the A-side we see Krak In Dub rollin' out his "Dub War RMX" that spreads good vibes in any proper Jungle / Drum'n'Bass rave, whilst Liquid Wicked's "Dub War Version" sets things straight in any Dubstep-dance with a heavy, high quality wobbling bassline, typical offbeat stabs and am incredibly dark breakdown about to kill all weak hearts inna di dance. Killer.


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