Sunday, September 14, 2008

[Mono:Frame] - Pneumatik Bambie [Super 6 Records 34.5]

"Pneumatik Bambie" is the name of the newest album release on Super 6 Records which is produced by [Mono:Frame], another moniker introduced by the production team of Doc. AtmosfearCrush, Tomahawk and Machete. Under this new name they'll deal with the dark, psychedelic side of Techno & related, play around with acidic hypnotizm as well as with some weird beats that still fit within the 4/4 matrix but come up with grooves differing from what one gets from the usual Techno release these days. Due to this interesting and as well one to check if you dig the London way of defining AcidTechno as this might blow your head off when blasting through the rig of an AcidTechno sound system setting up an illegal warehouse rave somewhere in the centre of UK's capitol city.


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