Saturday, November 01, 2008

D.H.S - House Of God * The Poker Flat Mixes [Poker Flat Recordings 100 Promo]

It's been 20 years from now since the Dimensional Holofonic Sound or D.H.S. as the project of Meat Beat Manifesto's Ben Stokes is commonly known released the instant Techno classic "House Of God" which is now put on the circuit again to celebrate Poker Flat Recordings' 100th 12" release. Yes, that's three digit now and a big achievement within the music industry, especially for an independently run label. Three versions are to be found here - Phonique is coming up with a nice, partly jackin' tune that features ultra-dry bassdrums and a huge warm bassline embracing everyone dancing, Martin Landsky turns the whole thang into a deep, hypnotic tune, adding up some nice athmospheric samples and a bassline referring to the Munich- / Moroder-era and - last not least - we'll have D.H.S. himself delivering a 2008 update, as raw and hypnotic as the original version and defo one that still is granted to rock anyone out there, no matter if brought up and the Techno sounds of day zero or just expploring the scence as a youngster. Get. Buy. Quick.


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