Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Impfgebiet Tollwut - Seuchenherd B [Pharmacom Records]

Pharmacom Records recently released part "B" of Impfgebiet Tollwut's "Seuchenherd" trilogy - which is a 16 track album similarly weird as part "A" which was reviewed on this page not too long ago. A mixture of strange Electronica, some Wave-influenced lyrics, Ambient as well as Mutant Folk- / Mutant Country-influences are to be found here, presented in a quite lo-fi and - that's for sure - depressive way that somehow reminds me of early, late 90's releases on Dhyana Records. Defo not a record that should be played out to children or ppl with suicidal tendencies but this special morbid athmosphere makes "Seuchenherd B" an interesting release, recommened to advanced listeners only.


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