Saturday, September 12, 2009

Road Trip Stories: Erlangen

Waking up in Erlangen on a saturday morning, clear blue skies and the sun is shining. No hangover. Surprisingly. Playing at E-Werk last nite was proper fun - banging P.A., staff that really took care of us as artists, good food, nice hotel and a mixed crowd willing to dance. And DJ Micha - our host of the night - is a really really friendly guy. A good set for a good party.
To our surprise the club had booked a band named Testsieger to play in the beginning of the show, we weren't aware of that at first but the two of them were cool and played a mixture of live Drum'n'Bass, Electronica and German Indie Pop on a drum set and some vintage synths. Hadn't seen such a project in about 10 years and they easily caught the crowds attention with their live set - good stuff. Right after they had finished I started my set with Boys Of Scandinavia's "Worse Than A Girl" which is one of my secret weapons to puzzle Indie kids as it starts out with the same chords as White Stripe's "7 Nation Army", followed up by stuff like Roger, The Presets, Anne Clarke, Frittenbude, Ira Atari's newest release "Upside Down" and several others, had them folks sing along to a NuSkoolBreaks bootleg of "Outta Space" and killed them with Cut & Run's version of "In For The Pill" before Das Audiolith battered out stuff by Fukkk Offf and loads of NuRave / ElectroPunk shit. And they loved it. A proper night so far, which ended up on a parking lot (again... o_0), drinking with Holger and Enno of Dadajugend Polyform, which introduced their new singer Lena to us - defo a lovely one and I can't wait to see them perform on stage as a triple.


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