Friday, April 16, 2010

Dessous Best Kept Secrets 2 [Dessous Recordings 095 Promo]

Accompanying the forthcoming "Dessous Bet Kept Secrets 2" 2xCD compilation is this 12" on Dessous Recordings featuring three tracks produced exclusively for this compilation. First of all there's Tigerskin's "Voodoo", a quite epic piece of psychedelic House music inspired alike by Cosmic and bands like Pink Floyd or even The Doors and their specific use of electric guitars - a very special piece for special moments that won't be featured in your regular House set played by any DJ and his friends. Some experience needed to drop this one. The next one on duty is fresh face Andrade, who just recently delivered his debut on Dessous Recordings. His track "Merise" sticks out due to a quite special hi-hat groove and soma Ska'like background lines that brings that legendary novelty piece of Longsy D's House Sound to mind once entitled "This Is Ska" which was pioneering a nice Acid House sub genre some used to call Skacid. Mix that up with contemporary DeepHouse, subtract the Acid and the result comes close to what you get here. Finally Ryo Murakami is "Off The Wall" with quite a deep, dirty piece that evolves slowly but perfectly proves that a good tune can be built off a few carefully selected elements as long as the groove is running right. Stripped down to the bone or - as DJ Jus-Ed would probably call this "Deep Ass House Music".


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