Saturday, May 22, 2010

Anthony Rother - Popkiller 2 [Datapunk]

It's been six years now since Anthony Rother released his album "Pop Killer" on his very own Datapunk-imprint, an album which was well anticipated by clubbers and homelisteners world wide and which was, after seven years on the circuit, his biggest success so far albeit several singles had been hits on the underground circuit before. Now in 2010 Mr. Rother unleashes "Pop Killer 2" just after re-adjusting his label, turning back from pushing new talent and focusing on his own production work again. So what's to be found on "Pop Killer 2"? When it comes to sound his love for classic Electro is still obvious although the typical beat is based on TechHouse / ElectroHouse-influenced 4 by 4 bassdrum patterns, sawtooth basslines are quite epic, melodies clean, hypnotic, catchy and vocals - if used - always a bit moody and darker than your regular club tune. Maybe this is the reason why, apart from electronic clubbers, fans of SynthPop and even genres like Goth and related feel adressed by and dance to the tunes featured on "Pop Killer 2", introducing a genre named "Moderntronics" by Anthony Rother to a widespread audience while pleasing Techno/Electro/Whatever-DJs and punters worldwide at the same time. Spoken in terms of marketing there is a lot of crossover potential in this album which is clearly meant to succeed. Check out.


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