Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chicken Accelerator [Astro Chicken 001 Promo]

A new label highly recommended to all lovers of Electro Cosmic, ItaloDisco and related genres is the Düsseldorf-based - sic! - imprint Astro Chicken which has just put its first released on the circuit - a four track E.P. pressed on yellow vinyl and limited to only 230 pieces worldwide. The music is served by Hyboid, Starlight Hammer Sounds, Telebot and Sternrekorder, all of them taking deep space trips into Cosmic realms and pleasing needs for epic synth melodies and other tripped out sounds but still knowing how to please the dancing crowd as well. Defo checkworthy, especially if you already know about labels like Dominance Electricity or Berlin-based Das Drehmoment. Plus: will be sought after soon.


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