Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kabutogani - Bektop [Mille Plateaux]

Another one recently released via the Mille Plateaux-camp is Kabutogani's album "Bektop", a twelve track exploration of a genre that is mainly shaped via the label itself and named as Clicks'n'Cuts, an ultra dry amalgamation of highly digital bleeps, extremely sharp highs and growling bass tones - the soundtrack of the fully computerized age or, if one wants to exaggerate, Hard Drive Phonk. Albeit those tracks are not necessarily dancefloor fitting at least there's more than a few on this album that have a kind of phonky feel and a certain groove making yr feet tap while listening and knowing that the artists name means horseshoe crab in japanese one can even imagine those little animals buzzing around like data bits in a worldwide computer network. A specialists release for sure which is to be recognized only by die-hard lovers of the Clicks'n'Cuts genre and related, more academic electronic music put on the circuit by labels like Raster Noton, but this album is hopefully more than a hint that there's still progress in this musical field that seemed to be gone and nearly forgotten for quite a while.


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