Monday, January 24, 2011

Sascha Müller pres. The Chillzone Video Trip Vol. 01 [Chillzone Records]

More visual stuff that has been put on the circuit these days is to be found on the Chillzone Records-release "The Chillzone Video Trip Vol.1" - a collection of thirteen videos provided by and for artists like Hiroshi Yamaoka, Sascha Müller, Duality, C4 and others that cover a musical range from Ambient and Deep Listening Music to Electronica, Balearic and even some heavy Dope Beats. Although not only a few of these videos are not that spectacular from a technical point of view and seem to be either captured landscapes or private family recordings they do accompany the music quite well and create a good allover athmosphere. Picking the best out of these thirteen there are two winners - Duality's "The Wood" and Sascha Müller's "Gefahrenzone", the first for technical excellence and the second for its slightly psyched out visuals.


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