Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sascha Müller pres. 6 In The Video Mix [Super 6 Video 001]

Honestly I'm a bit confused about the first release on the new Super 6 Records-subsidiary Super 6 Video entitled "6 In The Video Mix" which features eleven video cuts of tracks by artists like Toph Subderground, eVade, Duality Micro and others as ten out of these videos have already been included on the compilation "The Best Of Video Releases" - actually the labels 050.5 - which has been put on the circuit in spring 2010. The only new cut to be found is Arthur Laber's "Black And White", a Deep Techno piece musically which is defo good but still it's questionable whether it has been necessary to re-compile all these videos for a second time.


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