Friday, February 04, 2011

The Sound Of Super 6 [Super 6 Records 060]

Fresh on the circuit via Super 6 Records is their 060, a fourteen track various artists sampler entitled "The Sound Of Super 6" featuring established acts from the labels roster like Toph Subderground, Nightnoise, DJ Pablishhhh! and others alongside relatively new acts like Falk or Artem Golovin. As wide as the artist selection is the musical range they represent although they're all focused on a straight 4-2-the-floor-beat here. From epic Acid with some more commercial sidelines in its synth workouts to uplifting, galopping Techno with a ravey attitude, TechHouse, Minimal and even some trancey as well as psychedlic stuff, whatever's the kind of 4/4-based electronic dance music you love it's to be found in this compilation made as a showcase for those who're not focused on one specific style but able to appreciate a journey through the whole spectrum.


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