Friday, January 28, 2011

Dadajugend Polyform - Louis De Marsalle *Special Edition [ADP Records Promo]

Scheduled for february via ADP Records is the long awaited debut-album of Dadajugend Polyform named "Louis De Marsalle", available as eleven tracks album and special edition featuring four additional, formerly unreleased remixes by Plemo, Cut Off Cut Off and others. Mixed by Plemo of Audiolith-fame "Louis De Marsalle" includes minor anthems like "Italic" and the great "Small Town Gossip" that have been tested, proved and loved by their followers throughout several shows since the release of their remix EP "Support Our Loops" in 2009 as well as their well known tune "You Just Got Recorded" taken off the Audiolith-compilation "Doin Our Thing". Overall, the whole album can be described as cross section of their tour program - a melting pot of styles including anthemic ElectroPunk, some (No)Wave, pathetic 80's Stadium Rock and Italo-/Disco-/Dance-influences, all fused and amalgamated with a special twist that, in the end, is the main essence of Dadajugend Polyform: music for those who know.


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