Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Roberto Rodriguez - Manolesque EP [Serenades 001 Promo]

Roberto Rodriguez is about to launch his very own Serenades-imprint these days which is about to kick off with his "Manolesque EP". Two tracks are to be found on this 12" - "Has Been" on the A-side is a very slowed-down piece of House / Beatdown built around some funky repetitive lick and a bit of Disco-feel that will be appreciated by die-hard Edit-lovers but fails to convince through originality. "Like Said" on the flip is more of a club track - a classic piece of glitzy House music featuring moving chords and vocal cuts, good for warm-up sessions but somehow a bit dated, like it has been produced in another era and waited on dusted shelves packed with lost tapes to be put out some day. Not more than an average starter kit for a new label so time will tell if this new imprint is meant to succeed.


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