Monday, May 16, 2011

Hoist - Gravity [Dark Meadow Recordings 007]

What at the first sight seems like a whole length album is a collection of three Hoist EPs - "The Unsavoury EP", "The Metro Gnome EP" and "The Unspoken EP" - plus two additional interlude tracks (5, 10) not even mentioned in the track listing, all merged into a longplay format and put on the circuit via Dark Meadow Recordings, showcasing the musical vision of Hoist that includes Mutant HipHop instrumentals, Illbient, isolated pianos, slo-mo beat abstractions, Spunk Jazz, TripHop, cut-ups and Plunderphonics, all mixed, amalgamated and layered on top or next to each other. Recommended to those who still love and remember the legendary "Spunk Jazz"-compilation or other relases put out via the former late 90s PIAS offspring iLL, early editions of Mille Plateaux' "Electric Ladyland"-series, artists like Chicks With Dicks or labels like the belgian Sub Rosa-imprint. Defo would love to hear music like this on huge club P.A.'s again some day and due to that nostalgia strikes as I don't see that many artists these days who're willing to take the risk to experiment as I did in the late 90s or even early 2000s. Explore new fields, mix up genres and don't be afraid to frighten or unsettle the people listening to your music.


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