Sunday, May 22, 2011

Playing With Nuns - Frolicking Through The Meadow [Dark Meadow Recordings 012]

Another four tracker served via Dark Meadow Recordings is provided by Playing With Nuns as the labels 012 entitled "Frolicking Through The Meadow". Starting with the short, ever repeating and hyper-hypnotic opener "The Quiet Grass" all following tracks share various layered and delayed loop structures of slightly different speed as characteristic feature which, in its best moments delivered in "Meadow In My Mind", remind of Oval's 1996-released masterpiece "Systemisch" released via Thrill Jockey / Mille Plateaux, providing an atmosphere of warmth and dithering calm, balanced unrest and a feel of alienating intimacy whilst a tune like "T.V Static (Insoluble)" can be described as deep, settled and embracing although there are - as the title suggests - pieces of static noise to be found underneath and amongst the slowly pounding pulse and Ambient drones. Finally there is "The Lost Field Recording On Vinyl" seemingly based on melodic, defragmented guitar sounds and other ghostly loops for those who know. Recommended.


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