Sunday, May 22, 2011

To-Bo - Malaria [Dark Meadow Recordings 009]

Responsible for 009 of the diy-imprint Dark Meadow Recordings is the german Industrial / Noize artist To-Bo which is coming up with his mini album "Malaria" here including four tracks with a playtime in between one and nearly 23 minutes, serving a dark, grinding maelstrom of what 98+ percent of the population would not even consider to call music. But, even if one regards the fact that Noize as a genre is not expected to be musically structured, the tracks to be found here seem to be recorded and played live without any additional re-editing done before they were released which is the reason why the tracks don't seem to go nowhere, why there's a lack of any recognizable direction within the tunes. Which is sad because especially a track like "Endstadium Tot" unveals the harsh potential lying within To-Bo's music. Only for die-hard Noize addicts.


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