Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Selected Files - Best Of Poker Flat Digital Vol.1 [Poker Flat Recordings Promo]

For the first time ever since Poker Flat Recordings launched their - now ten releases strong - digital sub-branch a selection of four formerly digital-only tracks is now available on 12", pleasing all vinyl junkies and introducing a new vinyl series as the cat.no. PFRX001 suggests. The first tune to be found on here is MANIK's "Pure Liquid" which sounds just like mercury or liquid chrome on the dancefloor, ever evolving and modulating on top of a solid pumping chicago'esque foundation. Next one to come is Daryl Stay's "My Groove" remixed by the main man Vincenzo serving a decent tool featuring mad sirens, sparkling melodies and nice string constructions vibeing off on a deep tip - play this when the sun rises and the crowd is going to love you forever. The flipside holds Jay Tripwire introducing his 8 Channels alias surely in "Control" of what's to be filed as hypnotic, dark'ish TechHouse that might well accompany productions by the likes of Traversable Wormhole or Sandwell District in underground basement clubs due to its very basic stripped-down attitude whilst Russ Gabriel's "Prey Tell" - the B2 on this - serves a quite uplifting synth hook alongside tribalistic percussions and raw, thrilling offbeat snares providing a proper oldskool flavor - defo my personal favorite out of these four.


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