Sunday, May 29, 2011

Total Solitude - Besatt [Dark Meadow Recordings] DRMF 013 of Dark Meadow Recordings is Total Solitude's eleven track album entitled "Besatt" serving two sorts of tunes of which one can be described as a form of deep, ritual and shamanic dance music influenced by DubHouse, PsyTrance and Drone strictly made for the dancefloor - if you're following the musical development of the Dubstep-/ 4Beat-related producer Orphan 101 you're likely to appreciate these, too. The other musical direction on this album are spooky tunes of a (Dark) Ambient / Illbient character, providing a kind of frosty, alienating feel that could well fit into the score of some sci-fi movie or - talking those tunes that feature some guitars - documentary covering some strange and secret religious cult yet unshot, music that will appeal to you if you love the music of DJ Spooky or, partly, the sound of the former NYC-based imprint Wordsound Recordings.


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