Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bluff - 2 x 1 [Shhhh Records 001 Promo]

A new label from the hardly known german town named Mettmann is unvealing its first release straight out of studio of label-owner Turgut Kocer a.k.a. Bluff who re-interprets poems of the Dada-related artist Jens Höffken on a limited run of 180 - collectors watch out! - 12" vinyl copies. Shhhh Records 001 contains two tracks for the tripped out audience - "Start" is a deep piece of Armchair Techno fusing warm, embracing string backings with, as far as one can get from the deconstructed vocal snippets, critique on literary circles and the associated system whilst the flipside "Als Ich Uschi Glas Ihr Zungenpiercing Abbiss" is on the same - although a little more lively - musical tip but mixing the deep vibe up with a quite perverted fantasy about the german actor Uschi Glass that might well appeal to readers of Sybille Berg or lovers of the ultra-precise language abuse of authors like Rainald Goetz. Recommended to those appreciating eclecticism and psychic delusion, the german word "Wahn" that means the same but can not be translated correctly in its full and essential meaning.


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