Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dagshenma - Zaumi [Electroton 012 Promo]

Like Glitch? Clicks'N'Cuts? Mutant Instrumental HipHop? Or even all of these styles? Then you're well likely to appreciate what's to come via the Nürnberg-based CDr-immprint Electroton on october 21st as Dagshenmas seven track EP "Zaumi" combines the best of the mentioned. A 3" CDr that's coming in a transparent Mini-DVD-Box with a minimalist artwork bringing the conceptual work of labels like Raster/Noton, early Oval or Scape to mind immediately and so does the ultra-digital music composed by the japanese artist Higuchi Eitaro under his Dagshenma-moniker who aims to fuse and amalgamate the traditional voices and songs of the Ainu-culture with what the press sheet describes as "modern electronic music" which seems to be the dominant part here although one can tell that the well alienated and transformed source material might be of a natural or at least non-electronic origin. But no matter how digital and hyper-compressed the sounds get, there's still a dancey, sometimes even groovy and playful edge to most of the tunes - at least if one can relate to a kind of groove in productions by artists like Funkstörung or Autechre, the first mentioned being the more obvious reference point to those not deeply familiar with Electronica as a genre as Autechre usually have a more distorted edge to their work. Whatever, these tracks are made for advanced listeners and cutting edge dancefloors, an audience of those who know and are able to love the fact the "Zaumi" is about to be released as limited run of 150 copies only.


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