Tuesday, August 30, 2011

N.R.F.B. - Nuclear Raped Fuck Bomb [Major Label 047 Promo]

Forthcoming and scheduled for 21st of september via the largely named Major Label-imprint is the debut relase of N.R.F.B. named "Nuclear Raped Fuck Bomb" which is - indeed - a bomb. A dirty one to be honest coze this six member supergroup mainly consisting of Frankie Stubbs, Jens Rachut, Thomas Wenzel and Mense Reents - all more than well-established and highly appreciated due to their appearance in several band outfits - serves a quite anarchic and non-conformist amalgamation of styles appealing to Punks as well as to lovers of now to be called ElectroRock-outfits like The Prodigy, Pendulum or Der Tante Renate, an insanely rough soundtrack for hooded street fighters and ravers alike, a reason to brockout or moshpit that's meant to take your brain by storm. What's surprising - bangin' Techno beats and Metal riffs go well together naturally without sounding too artsy or artificial and what starts as a tender ballad can end up as drum inferno accompanied by psyched out lo-fi guitars. Japanese cyberpunks are going to love this for sure - will you, too?


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