Monday, September 05, 2011

Subvasion - Lost At Funfair [Major Label 049 Promo]

Also scheduled for september 21st via Major Label is "Lost At Funfair" which the first ever album release of Subvasion, the brand new collaborational project of the Progressive Avantgarde Hardcore-outfit Guts Pie Earshot and the Switzerland-based and heavily Breakcore-influenced female performer L.N/A. So what's to expect from this fusion? A dancefloor storming force of electronic beats ranging from Drum'n'Bass and Dark Jungle to Experimental Unformatted Techno, all instrumental but with a well-recognizable song structure and, most important, accompanied by a wall of dark, epic and nearly cinematic strings which are not only the driving force of all eight tunes but also the very unique element in the music of Subvasion that's not only able to work dancefloors, no matter if electronic-based or even crowded with a Goth-/CyberGoth-audience, but will be appreciated by home listeners and (Horror) soundtrack connaisseurs as well. Not to be missed if you're a fan of outstanding music of any kind.


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