Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wehbba - 3 Days [Audiomatique Recordings 046 Promo]

New stuff to come via Audiomatique Recordings as the labels 046 is provided by the brazilian producer Wehbba who's about to unleash his first Audiomatique release with this one. The title track "3 Days" is a powerful prime time weapon, using ecstatic and ever building stabs leading towards an amazing breakdown. Plus this track is spreading nothing but a positive vibe due to the remarkable vocal samples used. Pure joy. Mihalis Safras' remix on the flip is vibeing off the same train, adds a lil' tempowise and is a massively rolling big room affair generally. Finally Wehbba offers his track "Balance" on B2 which is more of a tool'ish piece, stripped down, hypnotic, expertly crafted and providing a timeless, well-balanced ClubTechno feel that is valid now and forever. Do not miss this one for any reason.


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