Thursday, October 06, 2011

Supershirt - Kunstwerk [Audiolith Promo]

Two years have passed since Supershirt released their massive album "8000 Mark" via Hamburg's ElectroPunk-trademark imprint Audiolith, still a masterpiece jam-packed with banging anthems. But two years are a long time as well and quite a few things have changed in Supershirts universe, not only that they're a proper three member band outfit these but also their sound has evolved which means that they've been stepping back from ElectroPunk a bit and turned their heads towards Indie, they're writing songs not pure bangers now and they've changed big basslines and weird electronic sounds for guitars. Plus: there's a certain kind of bitter sweetness to be found now on their new album that has been released on September 30th under the name of "Kunstwerk". Those who've been waiting for an album that could be named "8000 Mark Part 2" will be slightly disappointed although tracks like "Am Arsch Des Triumphs" or "Kunstwerk" and have an undeniable club quality featuring nice shout-a-long lines and banging beats. And yes, there's an attitude to be called Pop - not: sell-out - which might appeal to a mainstream audience and daytime radio listeners. That's what Supershirt 2011 are all about, IndiePop with recognizable ElectroPunk roots. Defo an album that the girls will like and well fitting for the early fall of that strange year that this one has been so far.
Two to check: "Verlass Die Stadt" for it's deep, spooky intro part and great lyrics ("... grab' Dir ein Loch, steig' auf den Baum..." / "...dig a hole, climb on a tree...") as well as "Koppel Dich Ab" for its misanthropic lyrics and its subliminal no future feel.


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