Monday, October 03, 2011

baze.djunkiii Charts 10/2011

01. Darkness Falls - Alive In Us [HFN Music 009 Promo]
See review for details...

02. Seiji - More Of You / Sticks [Seiji 003]
Drum'n'Bass-legend Seiji is on a Future Garage meets UK Funky tip these days, adds a SpeedGarage topping and a bit of Detroit-influenced melancholia - a recipe that is named "More Of You", fully works to keep dancefloor crowds moving and to set my heart on fire. Plus: You can't beat that hyper-positive attitude provided by "Sticks" on the flip. I love these tunes to death and I'm sure they won't leave my box for a while.

03. Bluff - Eminenzen 1 [Shhhh Records 003 Testpress]
See review for details...

04. James What - It Feels Wrong E.P. [Poker Flat Recordings 121]
See review for details...

05. Dagshenma - Zaumi [Electroton 012 Promo]
See review for details...

06. Epidemix - Jungle Ting [Titan Records]
Usually I don't buy much contemporary Drum'n'Bass-tunes these days as I've been seeing this genre evolving from day dot and I think that there's not much new happening that's able to touch my heart, although I feel a growing love for a lot of tunes released pre-2005. But Epidemix' "Jungle Ting" is a huge exception from the norm and the only reason why I purchased the whole "Surface EP" 2x12" recently released via Titan Records as the tune provides a nice junglistic feel, thrilling stepper beats, classic vox snippets and a huge bassline one cannot resist. I want more tunes like this one.

07. Admiral Bailey - Jump Up *Terror Danjah Remixes [Greensleeves Dubstep]
The long time running Reggae-imprint Greensleeves has been launching a Dubstep-focused subsidiary series a while ago serving Dubstep reworks of some classic tunes from the Reggae / Dancehall-scene. This time it's Admiral Bailey's "Jump Up", originally released in 1987 by Jammy's Records and a familiar vocal to all those oldskool junglists out there, that has been reworked by Terror Danjah who tranfers the whole thing into a dark and deadly digital banger somewhat in between Dubstep and Sublow, coming up with some of the most Industrial-sounding noises that I've heard in Dubstep for a while. If you've loved Vex'd's legendary 2005-album "Degenerate" on Planet µ you're quite likely to appreciate this one, too.

08. Istanbul 70 Volume III - Psych, Disco, Folk Edits by Baris K [Nublu Records 030]
Well, that's a surprise. Even for me as I usually cannot do much with turkish, arabic, oriental music - I just do not feel the sound aesthetics of that cultural background and I do not know much about their access to and assimilation of modern music like Disco. Same goes for polka and klezmer soundwise - I just don't get it. But these edits by Baris K are so psychedelic, obscure and fascinating that I could not resist. Especially the re-edits of Modern Folk Üclüsü feat. Aysegül Aldinc's "Dönme Delap" with its seductive, close to erotic vibe, psyched-out strings and sexy bassline and Nazan Soray's darker, quite stripped down "Halhal" opened the doors for me and I had to realize that there's a wide and - at least for me - unexplored musical field to discover, a field that I wasn't aware of before.

09. Argy - Reminiscence EP [Permanent Vacation 083]
If I didn't knew better I'd say this release contains stuff that had been produced somewhen in between like 1992 and 1995, a long gone era that brought something like Intelligent Trance and great compilations like "Tour De Trance" or "Logic Trance" as an outlet for nicely floating, string-loaden music that was not as cheesy and simple as Trance became in the years following. "Whish You Were Here" as main track could still fit in on these releases with heavy strings, a good overall vibe and sweet pianos whilst the Breakbeat-based "N.A.O.E. *Argy's Hacienda Mix" is closer to classics like The Future Sound Of London's "Papua New Guinea" mixed up with a bit of Klaus Schulze- or Pete Namlook-like synth aesthetics. Finally there's "Tari Tari", another uplifting, well Trance-flavored piece with loads of oldskool'ish elements, raw vocal-snippets, kitschy pianos and happy sounds. Where are my dolphins?

10. Der Tante Renate - H4xX02 [Audiolith / Riptide Testpress]
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