Friday, September 23, 2011


Friday morning, twentythree minutes past midnight and I'm obviously not playing the scheduled WAX UNLIMITED show @ Klingel 3 that I announced a few days before. How come?
Well, when arriving at the venue they opened up to me that this night would be the last WAX UNLIMITED show for a while as they plan to bring in some new folks to the club DJ-wise - a thing I wasn't worried about that much as I had been thinking about quitting that series before as there hasn't been much developement in the night for a while and, although the whole staff is nice and friendly, the communication and booking structures turned out to be a bit chaotic and also the basic equipment - mixer, turntables and monitor PA - seemed to be decaying and needed a allover replacement. But no matter what, it would've been nicer to know about a final night before. Ready for soundcheck we realized that needle, system and adjustment weight of one turntable had been replaced and after finding a working system plus needle - no adjustment weight still - we found a well disturbing feedback noise coming from one of the turntables that couldn't be fixed, nor could the turntable be replaced so playing vinyl was not possible and Burcin, the owner of the place, took over as he plays digitally. Sorry to those who expected baze.djunkiii & Pjotrek to play, we were not able to do so.

Another thought that comes to mind right now - since a lot of DJs switched to digital I see way more broken or destroyed mixers, turntables and PA systems than before because every drunk newcomer DJ needs to switch jacks, cables or channels to set up his digital system and a lot of people are not really aware of what they're doing or how to do it properly. In vinyl only times there were only three connected parts - two turntables plus a mixing desk - and no-one ever fiddled around with these connections for any reason. That's one reasonable point why those running clubs should consider to book more DJ's playing vinyl only - your bills for fixing your equipment will decrease for sure.


Anonymous Sascha Müller said...

You are right! That's why I only play with vinyl! Oh, yes I know why !! I play classics! :)

3:19 PM  
Blogger baze.djunkiii said...

true dat.

8:24 PM  

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