Tuesday, October 18, 2011

11.11.2011 Elf! @ M-Bia / Berlin

This one's set up by the Liquid Sky Berlin-crew and not to be missed if you're in town on November 11th. The lineup includes loads of Techno legends that haven't been seen in Berlin for a while. This is gonna be a rave, innit?

Affie Yusuf (Force Inc.) live
TokTok (TokTok Records / ZokZok Rec) live
Mark Hawkins live (Djax Up Beats) live
Audiosex™ (Technoline / Liquid Sky Berlin).
Dr Walker (Djungle Fever / Force Inc / Air Liquide).
Sheldon Drake (Liquid Sky Berlin)
Neopi Visuals (Weisep++++) live & installations
Asbest! (Djungle Fever / Blim Rec Paris) live
BAD Bad Tom aka Kodoish (Djungle Fever / Liquid Sky Berlin / Kodoish Stockholm) live
Bleed (De-bug Berlin).

Acid All Stars / Luvtonez / Liquid Sky Berlin Floor
Dr Walker & Bathsh3ba " > Bathsh3ba live
Bathsh3ba "> Bathsh3ba & Ninja.
Natasha Van Dongen

and many many many artists more.

Friday, 11 November 2011
11.11 pm (friday nite) - 12.12 pm saturday noon
M-Bia / Dircksenstrasse / Mitte / 10178 Berlin
11 euro - 1 euro rave rabatt


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