Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Anne Anderson - 3 Dicks EP [Super 6 Records 071.5]

Fresh and upcoming via Super 6 Records is Anne Andersons label debut "3 Dicks", in its original form a nothing less but excellent workout in between Detroit-flavored ClubTechno and slightly Trance-influenced string arrangements that is impossible not to love. Remixes are provided Gary Martin, legendary producer and head of the well-respected Teknotika-label, who sticks with the feel of the main tune but basically transforms the beat structures which are now ever building into an abstract skeleton fusing hyper-minimal Electro and Intelligent Broken Techno - very impressive and worthwhile to see a proper vinyl release for sure, as well as by Bo Irion and Sascha Müller himself. Whilst Bo Irion serves a thrilling TechHouse-piece staying close to the main tune Sascha Müller adds a raw, unprocessed feel to his rework that comes up with a sawtooth bassline and tricky, electroid beats made to puzzle punters before all elements fall together properly and evolve into a prime time tune able to cause serious ecstasy on the floor. Recommended!


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