Monday, November 07, 2011

Sascha Müller - Krankenhaus (METAL) [SM Traxxx 016]

All fans of raw unedited Acid and Techno watch out for 016 of SM Traxxx which, once again, features two tunes straight out of Sascha Müller's own studio. This time we're talking about - surprise! - pasty, metallic Acid directly imported from some alien swamps when it comes to "Krankenhaus (METAL) 1" and - talking "Krankenhaus (METAL) 2" here - a strange combination of aggressive bassdrums, gnarling Acid lines and playful melodies that seem to be totally out of time or order but still work as a track that's made for those who love tripping to mean music in long-time lost bomb shelters or industrial wastelands. Teknival music.


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