Monday, December 12, 2011

Vincenzo - Whereever I Lay My Head *Remixes [Dessous Recordings 107 Promo]

News are coming from the Dessous Recordings-stable these days which are releasing their 107 soon - the long-awaited remixes for Vincenzo's latest full-length album "Wherever I Lay My Head". Three re-fixes are to be found on this one, first of all there's electronic music legend Tom Middleton taking care of "Sometimes Saturday" on A1, serving a sweet, ever floating DeepHouse piece which includes some astounding and pounding drum work that's hardly heard in tracks these days, the swedish Genius Of Time reworking "106 Downtown" on B1 pleasing the rapidly growing Slo-/SnoreHouse posse with not much more than approx.100bpm plus a pinch of Acid feel and finally Mix Newman serving a lively "Dub Remix" of "Hello!", bringing back the Chicago days with nervous, unprocessed hi-hats, tension building up steadily and lovely background chords clearly reminiscing about classic tunes like "French Kiss" and similar. Mic Newman ftw.


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