Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Caligola - Sting Of Battle [Musica De La Santa Promo]

A new 7" to watch out for, at least if you're loving your Vintage / Downtempo / Dope Beatz right, is Caligola's latest release "Sting Of Battle" put on the circuit via Musica De La Santa these days. What starts off seemingly to be a slightly Dub-influenced SlowHouse-piece turns into a sweet, dope and classy piece for intimate dancefloors quickly fusing anthemic or at least stuck-in-yer-ear vocals, vintage horn sections and a deep, timeless overall feel with a bit of Pop and an unbeatable, seductive groove. If street sound systems these days would play as diverse as they did in the days of the Wild Bunch this one surely would be blown through their rigs for ages. Plus: If you're not up for vocals anyway there's an instrumental version to be found on the flip.


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