Monday, February 20, 2012

Bluff - Die Reise Nach Solingen [Aurelie Records Promo]

Forthcoming via Aurelie Records as digital release this spring is Bluff's six track album "Die Reise Nach Solingen" which aims to fuse field recorded sounds with a mixture of dubby Techno and what I'd like to refer to as Cologne-influenced TechHouse / Minimalism or at least its softer, more melodic and (Neo)Trance-induced variety. Add a quantum of Akufen-like cut-up work with microscopic vocal snippets, playful hi-hats and an overall string-focused deepness with a 'troity touch and you'll get the picture of what happens here musically - laid back dance music good for warm up sets or homelistening sessions, well-crafted but not necessarily overly exciting or innovating, at least not for the experienced listener of electronic music that's been around for ages. Honestly I'm a bit bored coze I've heard stuff like this for too many times now throughout the last decades. Not bad though, but I don't feel it. Anymore?


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