Thursday, February 16, 2012

World Class Trance [Tetsuo Promo]

If you're addicted to contemporary Trance you'll surely dig the sound provided by Talla 2XLC's label Tetsuo Music that is about to release a thirty – yes, 30! - track digital compilation under the name of „World Class Trance“ on february 17th providing a 3+ hours journey for all fans of uplifting vibes, melody hooks and epic breakdowns. Included are pieces from the past years as well as recent anthems from the labels catalogue and roster which features scene-appreciated names like Fred Baker, Rober Burian, Scot Project, the man Talla 2XLC himself and many others, too many to pick out single names but enough to provide a certain diversity for fans, friends and lovers which are expected to be into „World Class Trance“.


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