Sunday, February 19, 2012

Joe Goddard - Gabriel [Greco-Roman Promo]

Mr. Joe Goddard of Hot Chip-fame serves his first 12" for 2012 alongside vocalist Valentina on Hot Chip's very own Greco-Roman-imprint and what he serves with this one is a pretty sweet hybrid piece of Pop-loving but slowed down Speed-/Future Garage-crossover that is about to see heavy daytime radio rotation in the UK. Stick-in-yer-our flavour, a unique voice, a bit of drama and epic string arrangements, a dancefloor working bassline and a massive breakdown - this is what we love in its original and dub version. Two more tunes are featured on this 12" - "All I Know", starting of nearly acoustic and turning into a dreamy but still clubby piece that even worked last weeks NuSkoolBreaks crowd right and "Jump", a jumping and pumping affair that sounds like 1999 SpeedGarage played at the lowest possible pitch adjust mixed up with pieces of classic House music, sweet monotony that's about to be played out at small red light district venues where House music lovers are celebrating sweaty, ever lasting wild pitch rituals to hail their one and only god. Don't miss!


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