Monday, February 20, 2012

Wrongkong - So Electric [AdP Records Promo]

Yeah, Wrongkong! IndieElectro meets Rock'n'Roll meets the 80s and it's the very first minute of the very first track named "Hearts Are Breaking Hearts" that's not breaking hearts but the ice and if you don't feel that you won't feel the rest of the album anyway which is burning like fire and - once again - proves why I tend to dig this kind of sound more then pure electronic music these days although not every song is my personal cup of tea - "Crystal Clear" is way too cheesy and aiming to be an obvious radio hit imho. But Wrongkong are fucking happening anyway and even if they mix up Indie with cliche pianos and cheap 90s Filter-/DiscoHouse like in "My Dearest Enemy" they're way too charming to dislike them... or their trippy, psychedelic and slightly kitsch-laden space artwork and their girly attitude. Plus: they make me feel better although I'm going through trouble times these days. Recommended for these reasons and for tunes like "Electric" or "Love Machine" although the two ballads at the end of "So Electric" are a bit puzzling.

Wanna check "Crystal Clear" ? Here's a free download...

Wrongkong - Crystal Clear by AdP records


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