Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kasper Björke - Fool [HFN Music 014 Promo]

Scheduled for April 1st via HFN Music is the labels 014 which is Kasper Björke's new album named "Fool", balancing between the musical lines of dark'ish, melancholic Cosmic and KrautHouse/-Disco - a style that has been clearly pioneered by the likes of Padded Cell, The Emperor Machine and other artists releasing on the highly appreciated but now unfortunately disappeared under the radar label DC Recordings - and happier paths with a undenieable Pop- and maybe even hit appeal like the first single outtake "Lose Yourself To Jenny", the crooning "Hummingbirds" or the even more excellent "Deep Is The Breath" featuring the vocal talents of Jacob Bellens and Emma Acs which is surely about to please all lovers of classic ItaloDisco out there with its flickering hookline and sweet love story vocals. Defo my personal favorite tune from this album and not foolish at all. Get it.


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