Friday, February 24, 2012

Joe Goddard - Gabriel *Remixes [Greco-Roman Promo]

As well upcoming via Greco-Roman is a four track 12" featuring remixes for Joe Goddards recent single "Gabriel" including reworks by Seiji, Compound One, Peach Melba and Ossie. As one might expect it's Seiji's remix that totally wins for me, sweetly wandering the line between UK Funky and Future Garage with what I'd call a clonky Seiji-trademark bassline and sexy vocal use whilst Compound One serving a summerly House menu and stick close to the original feel although they're playing around with the vocals, cutting and pasting heavily. On the flip Peach Melba attempt to serve the TechHouse crowd with only a certain success compared to Ossies HyperSwing fueled Future Garage vs. 2Step vs. Phusion lick that's one for the ladies, for those who seriously know how to move, dance and wind up. Damn good, this one is. And not to be missed.


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