Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wardrobe Memories - Swamp Of Sorrows [Cognito Percepti Promo]

Scheduled for march is the release of the new Wardrobe Memories-album named "Swamp Of Sorrows" which will be available via the digital-only imprint Cognito Percepti and once again it's a pity that music like this went off to digital spheres instead of being released physically. To manufacture a small run of 200 CD or vinyl copies that accompany a digital release is not a giant affair and, if distribution channels are prepared right and upfront, there's a good chance to sell them as well to break at least even to cover manufacturing costs. Plus: a physical release will pay off in creating more attention for the artist and the label or - talking the long tail here - maybe some gigs, more releases through other channels and an increasing overall recognition usually meaning an increasing income as well. But we're here to talk music, not only theoretical issues and marketing strategies so what's served as a "Swamp Of Sorrows" starts out with a little droney affair and switches into nice mixture of warm embracing electronics and advanced machine phonk, always to be filed as Deep Listening Music but not necessary easy as machine means machine and sometimes mechanically sounding and - surprisingly - danceable at least to a certain extent when played out to an experienced audience. Defo recommended to those who can imagine a mixture of reference points like early Dial releases, 90s Move D, Source Records and 800trak, the long gone Heimelektro Ulm Tonquellen imprint and Hamburg's M.usic F.or O.ur C.hildren-sessions taking place at the legendary Tempelhof club around 97/98.... You can relate to 50% of those mentioned? Get this one. Soon.


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